Here's a collection of MLM and gay flags made by the community.UPDATE: Carrd has a new owner! If you want to suggest a flag or anything else you can dm me on Insta (@dandelivn)Original creator: @lumiexalt

Here are a list of MLM terms, particularly those that are lesser - used to describe men/nb who are exclusively attracted to men/nb; can also be used as a general umbrella term for LGBT+
cinthean - a specific term for gay men/nb.
SGA - same gender attraction
MGA - multiple gender attraction
MLM - men loving men
NBLM - nonbinary loving men; also written as NLM (alternatively MLNB - men-loving nonbinary)
(these can be used to refer to anyone who is a man and/or nonbinary, and has an attraction to men and/or nonbinary people; or aligns themselves with that experience and community.)
achillean - anyone who falls under the MLM/NBLM label
"isn't achillean a problematic term?" No, read here for more.
due to discourse surrounding achillean, other terms and flags have arisen as synonymous alternatives that MLM/NBLM can use if they would like. This includes:
blue rose
regarding "blue rose" and "ametrine," the terms are used to describe the flag. I am unsure if they are a labels in and of themselves, but can be used as a label if one wants to.neon/gray/accent gay - neon and gray gays are terms invented to offer an alternative for mlm identity rather than "twink" and" bear" & "top" and "bottom."
+ neon gay: "neons are mlm who express themselves more through color and presentation. they prefer to not mute their presentation of themselves in's an identity centered around the color of their personality."
+ gray/grey gay: "gray/grey are mlm are more reserved in their public presentation. they usually reserve their affection to spaces they are comfortable's an identity centered around the relaxed energy or reservation of their personality."
+ accent gay: an in-between of neon and gray

Here is a list of the site updates.11 June 2021 - site management transferred2 June 2021 - site management being transferred, deleted some flags20 May 2021 - minor edits. Official statement to the home page that the site manager is no longer actively managing the site.2 October 2020 - added MLM/NBLM acespec flag18 September 2020 - added @incelfucker's MLM flag (Twitter,) @DlNNERB0NE's MLM flag (Twitter,) non-binary gay flag (source unknown,) @fnaftwt's MLM flag (Twitter,) edited the blue/green gay flag description11 September 2020 - added @dudevinci's MLM flag (Twitter,) @ak1dess's trans gay flag (Twitter,) and @B00MTOWN's MLM flag (Twitter); added "neon/gray/accent gay" to the MLM terms section; added a few site tweaks5 September 2020 - added @froggybenny's (Twitter) gay flag and blue mlm flag2 August 2020 - added asterian, and cinnammoroll's (Twitter) gay flag; added "mlm terms" section19 Jul 2020 - added jensensbrina's (Twitter) MLM witchcraft flag, added quarentapes' (Twitter) achillean nb flag, updated cinthean flag section with a Twitter link alongside a Tumblr link18 Jul 2020 - added o-hemprichii's (Tumblr)/monstericfag's (Twitter) cinthean flag, added "site updates" page, changed navigation buttons to include "site updates" and "a message from me," added hover color to navigation panel17 Jul 2020 - added rainbow flag, blue/green flag, and achillean flag; renamed "why these flags?" section to "questions;" updated "questions"17 Jul 2020 - site went live

It is wonderful that we, as a community, are making steps forwards for ourselves to express our unique experiences with attraction, gender, identity, solidarity, and the like. We must stand together and become a better, stronger community -- to work towards inclusivity and acceptance. Each and every one of us deserves to be represented and seen. We will continue to fight against invisibility, misconceptions, and bigotry, and stand in solidarity with one another. We must advocate for civil, healthy discussion and not hostility -- validation and understanding rather than negativity. We will not let those who are not a part of our community speak over us and dictate what is right and what is wrong for us. We must be open-minded, passionate, empathetic, and accepting towards our fellow MLM/NBLM. We will listen, and we will be heard.We are living in a new era, our new present-day -- we must define our new history, for we are a part of that history that defines our era. Take pride in your identity and how it relates to our current day. What you feel, what you experience -- those are all valid and you have every right to express those feelings. Be it through art, music, writing, or even flags, your right to self-expression -- your right to express your unique experience that you may not see reflected in the past -- is something that cannot be taken away, and is something that will define our era. Daring to live and express and be free is courageous. Be proud of yourself and who you are, and we will support you all the way!We must create a safe space -- a loving, welcoming environment. Those who bear mal intent -- those who are intolerant, predatory, bigoted, exclusionary, unempathetic, or otherwise ill-spirited -- shall not be tolerated as we support each other, so we may see our expressions and identities be accepted and loved, and we may see growth within ourselves and within our community; like a flower in bloom.For we are all unique and more diverse than the world knows, and we will not be silenced.We will be heard.

These are flags exclusively for gay MLM and NBLM!A quick disclaimer that any flags labelled MLM/NBLM without specificity as to whether it's for all MLM/NBLM or exclusively gay MLM/NBLM will be under the MLM flags section. These flags will be tagged as such!Click on the flags for a larger view!

rainbow LGBT flag by Gilbert BakerThis flag is used by gay men as well as the entire community.stripes:

gay flag by @thyjinjistripes:
History of gay men, gay trans individuals, and those who are attracted to men exclusively in a queer way.
Green carnations as a symbol for gay men and other gay individuals.Trust and established relationships between men.The art of gay men, including things such as drag as a form of expression.Respect for those in the gay community who do not conform to gender roles, those who do not identify with their assigned gender at birth, and gays who are asexual and/or aromantic.The multitude of queer affections and ways they can be shown, including but not limited to sexual love, romantic love, and queerplatonic love.The healthy and wonderful gay relationships that exist, to empower them due to the lack of them in media.The rich history of queer love as a whole and the royally gay connotations of purple as a color.

gay flag by gayflagblog -- the blog for the flag + variants, including Philadelphia PridePlease note: there is discourse surrounding this flag -- especially regarding its similarity to the lesbian flag, and its origins as a hue shift. The creator of the flag has also consulted others about the flag to stay mindful of other communities, and has created variants as well. Even so the controversy remains and people have taken issue to it, so please be mindful of these factors when choosing a flag to represent yourself.
Added note: Please do your own research on the flag before making claims. That’s all. Personally I suggest this video which debunks some of the controversy.
GNC, NB and Trans Men
Pure Love

A modified/alternative version of the above flag -- with the Pure Love and Fortitude stripes merged into one stripe instead.

cinthean flag -- Tumblr Post and Twitter Poststripes:
Pure Love

gay flag by @elfofcolor -- original poststripes:
Joy and Romantic Love
Asexual and Aromantic Gay Men
Nonbinary, GNC, and Trans Men
Sexual Love

gay flag by @xX_webcorez_Xx -- original poststripes:
Nonbinary, Trans, and GNC Gay Men
Self Acceptance/Love
(the creator meant for the last stripe to say "attraction" rather than "romantic attraction")

gay flag by @reveledego -- original poststripes:
Gender Non-Conformity
Healing and Self Love
Trans men/Nonbinary Inclusion, Love, and Acceptance
Soul and Passion
Peace and Harmony

gay flag by @cinnammoroll -- original poststripes:
Sense of belonging, trust, masculinity
Healing, understanding
Trans and non-binary men
Warmness, solidarity, pride
Passionate love, harmony, and femininity

gay flag by @froggybennystripes:
Masculinity, femininity, and androgyny
Trans/Nonbinary and GNC men
Pure love
Any pronouns

trans gay flag by @ak1dessstripes:
Nature (aqua is a mix of green (nature) and blue to emphatize that being trans gay and mlm are natural)
Pure love + nonbinary trans gays
Nature (again)
Gender non-conformity
MLM Love

gay flag by @LeafyTaffystripes:
Gays of color
Gayness itself
Trans/Nonbinary gays
Queer feminity
Queer masculinity

indigenous & black gay flag by @glattnegstripes:
Loving indigenous and black culture
Loving indigenous/black
Two spirited
Exclusively in love with men/male-alligned

These are flags for any MLM and NBLM, encompassing those who are same-gender and multiple-gender attracted!A quick disclaimer that any flags labelled MLM/NBLM without specificity as to whether it's for all MLM/NBLM or exclusively gay MLM/NBLM will be here. These flags will be tagged as such!Click on the flags for a larger view!

achillean flag -- read moredisclaimer: I am aware of the discourse surrounding the term "achillean" itself, however I have chosen to include it to represent our community members who do use it. Please read this informational site for more regarding why achillean is still a valid term.However, there are those who may not want to use achillean for themselves, and that is completely valid.stripes:
"The achillean flag has two blue stripes on the top and bottom representing men. In the center is a green carnation. In ancient Rome and 19th century England green indicated gay affiliations. Victorian men would often pin a green carnation on their lapel as popularized by author Oscar Wilde."

blue rose MLM flag by @CatColors -- original post
created as an alternative to achillean for those who may not want to use that term.
Gay Men
Bi and Pan Men
GNC and nonbinary MLM/NBLM
Ace and Aro MLM
All Pronoun, Neopronoun, and Xenogender MLM

erosian MLM/NBLM flag by @52zosan -- original post
disclaimer: this flag is for only black mlm/nblm
Creative Soul
Comfort in your sexuality
Ability to adapt
Comfort in your sexuality
Compassion, trusting intuition

inclusive MLM/NBLM flag by @giornosgay -- original poststripes:
Love for men
Transgender, Nby, Gnc

MLM/achillean flag by @itstvraptor -- original poststripes:
Love and Sexuality
Healthy Masculinity
Gender Non Conformity
Trans and Nonbinary Men
Strength and Perserverance

ametrine MLM flag by @whitecobras -- original poststripes:
Love of Men and Male Aligned Nonbinary People
Neurodivergent and Gay People of Color

neopronouns MLM flag by @trenderkomaeda -- original post
(disclaimer: not sure if this is any MLM/NBLM or gay MLM/NBLM only)
Love For Men
Androgyny; alternatively, the Diversity of Identity
The Passion and Courage of Pursuing One's True Self

MLM/NBLM solidarity flag by @neoptelemus -- original poststripes:
Life and Love
Strength in Solidarity

MLM flag by @serahphymn -- original poststripes:
Masculinity + Pride
Bravery, Inner Beauty
Masculine Trans, Nonbinary, and GNC
Sexuality, Romance, and Ace/Aro (can be interpreted as diversity of attraction)
Femininity + Love

MLM flag by @introchild -- original poststripes:
Life and Sexuality
History, Hope, and Healing
Nature and Magic
Serenity and Harmony
All Men who love Men

MLM Witch Flag by @jensensbrina -- original poststripes:
Green Side - Witchcraft Aspect, The Earth, Nature, etc
Blue Side - Love for Men

asterian flag -- original post
created as another alternative to achillean regarding discourse around its namesake.
pan/bi/gay/ace identifying people
attraction to men
attraction to masc-aligned people
sexuality and love
any pronoun masc aligned people

blue MLM gradient flag by @froggybennystripes:
Male/non alignment
Unified community
Attraction to male/non aligned people
Respect amongst community

MLM flag by @dudevincistripes:
Unique Relationships with Gender

MLM flag by @B00MTOWN
(disclaimer: not sure if this is any MLM/NBLM or gay MLM/NBLM only)
GNC + trans men
Finding peace

MLM/NBLM flag by @DlNNERB0NEstripes:
Attraction and beauty
MLM of color
Community and Support
Trans, Non-binary, and GNC MLM
Peace and warmth
Love and romance

MLM/NBLM flag by @fnaftwtstripes:
Neopronoun and xenogender MLM/NBLM
Ace and aro MLM/NBLM
Love and romance
GNC, non-binary, and trans men
Loving boys

MLM/NBLM acespec flag by @nyaaanboystripes:
romantic attraction towards men
asexuality and ace spectrum
trans, GNC, and non-binary MLM/NBLM
joy and healing
unity, peace, and harmony

MLM/NBLM flag by @DreamHuntsFearstripes:
perseverance, life
community, nonconformity
good times
magic, art

Why have these flags in the first place?There are various reasons why people would want to use alternate flags:+ The rainbow flag has come to represent the entire LGBTQ+ community, and it does not exclusively represent gay men. As such, there are those who feel a disconnect from the flag as an expression of their identity and orientation.+ Flags that explicitly include nonbinary, gender non-conforming, transgender, xenogenders, and neopronouns MLM/NBLM is something that those individuals may want in a flag, as it can be empowering, and helps them connect to -- and identify with -- the community. Especially for transmasc MLM/NBLM who have very little recorded history within the LGBTQ+ community, and are often invisible within and outside the community.+ To make an effort to unite MLM/NBLM, and to be inclusive towards all those who have unique experiences to attraction, gender, and sexuality, and to show solidarity.Which flag do I use?That's entirely up to you. You can choose whichever flag you'd like to use, based on meanings, colors, usage within the community, so on and so forth. Whichever one you like the most, you may use it to express yourself and your identity!Disclaimer:+ No one is forcing you to switch over flags or labels. This is for those who want alternative flags and labels for themselves, for any of the variety of reasons stated above. If you identify more with more well known flags, that is great! Just be respectful of why others may want to use alternate flags and labels for themselves.
+ If you still find these flags "unnecessary," you may want to reevaluate yourself and where you stand -- or consider other viewpoints and experiences of other MLM/NBLM that you may not be aware of.
+ This is a space inclusive of all NBLM and MLM -- including trans, nonbinary, POC, neurodivergent, disabled, xenogenders, neopronouns, gender non-conforming, ace/aro, and other groups that may feel excluded or alienated from the community and from society. You are as valid as anyone else, do not let anyone tell you otherwise. There is more to MLM than what society perceives and you have every right to be represented and heard, despite all the misconceptions and invisibility we face.+ Some flags will be labeled with the term "achillean" as the creator may have labeled it as such. Despite controversy, the term "achillean" is a valid expression of one's identity. Please read this informational site for more. However, there are those who may not want to use achillean for themselves, and that is completely valid.